I had botox yesterday …

That was a sentence I never thought I'd write. 31 injections in total.  Across my eyebrows, around the top of my scalp, my hairline, down my neck and down to my shoulders. It wasn't to tackle the growing mountain of wrinkles on my face ... although that wouldn't have been such a bad idea. I... Continue Reading →

The Fear of Crying

Last night, eight of us were at a friend’s house for our Christmas do. I’d been looking forward to it all week. Everyone was in high spirits. I was trying to chop up some red chilis when I sensed the warning signs of an impending vertigo attack. A friend was asking me questions and I... Continue Reading →

Who are you?

Fear not, I'm not about to go all deep on you. But this has been the weirdest 24 hours. It started with some wooziness at lunchtime yesterday, which is par for the course, but developed into a full blown spin that left me lying prostrate on the floor, thirsty, but unable to get up because... Continue Reading →

The M word

Menieres has ruled my week this week. I’ve just realised that’s a first. I’ve named my condition in this blog. It's not a word I like. I think I naively hoped that if I wrote about my determination to overcome M, I’d somehow be able to will it out of existence … but unfortunately not. So... Continue Reading →

Dear Friends

I bloody love you. Last night, I had 2 horrid vertigo attacks. The first as I read my daughter a story. The second as I was lying in bed; it was so powerful and nausea-inducing that I emitted an involuntary wail and managed to wake Rhys from his sleep. An attack of vertigo always has... Continue Reading →

What does success mean to me?

I’ve been reflecting a lot on this question. Before I attempt to pick a path from the myriad of options that my inbox is now overflowing with (thank you friends and family for the precious bible you’ve given me), I need to take a big step back and think about my goal. I know I... Continue Reading →

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