Dear Friends

I bloody love you.

Last night, I had 2 horrid vertigo attacks. The first as I read my daughter a story. The second as I was lying in bed; it was so powerful and nausea-inducing that I emitted an involuntary wail and managed to wake Rhys from his sleep.

An attack of vertigo always has an immediate impact on my mood. This disease is as much a mental game as a physical one. All the enthusiasm and drive and determination I have to turn things around for myself takes a bit of a battering and I have to work hard at building myself up again.

But today, I’ve reached midday and I feel on cloud nine.

I’ve just come home to find a bunch of flowers by my front door. Another friend (with no knowledge of what happened last night) just sent me a text to tell me he was thinking of me and how much he enjoyed my last blog post. And the three friends I have just met for coffee listened as I blubbed and then supported and distracted and chatted and just generally helped to put everything back in perspective. And what’s more, as we chewed the fat, we started talking about even more new ideas for the future that I can’t wait to start researching.

Note to self. Don’t fight it in silence. Always, always reach out.


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